Student Transfers

Senate Bill 783 (2021) made comprehensive changes to Oklahoma's student transfer laws. This law revises the requirements for accepting and denying student transfers. It also requires the District to set and list enrollment capacities on our website. These changes go into effect on January 1, 2022. The District will allow students who are currently on Open Transfer to remain enrolled in the District and not have to go through the new transfer process unless the transfer is revoked and then the student would need to submit an application in the new format. The District will begin accepting applications for the new school year on June 1st. The application must have all information completed to be considered for a transfer. Transfers will not be approved or denied until after the July 1st capacity is determined. Receipt of applications will be documented by the District so that they may be reviewed in the order submitted. Special education students will continue to be vetted for program availability and caseload limits.

Students may only request transfers two times per year to one or more school districts in which the student does not reside. Students are legally entitled to reenroll at any time in their home district in which they reside. A separate application is required for each student within a family that wishes to transfer. Reasons a transfer may denied by the school district:

  1. No capacity available at grade level requested

  2. The transferring student has not been disciplined for:

    • violation of a school regulation,

    • possession of an intoxicating beverage, low-point beer, as defined by Section 163.2 of Title 37 of the Oklahoma Statutes, or missing or stolen property if the property is reasonably suspected to have been taken from a student, a school employee, or the school during school activities, or

    • possession of a dangerous weapon or a controlled dangerous substance while on or within two thousand (2000) feet of public school property, or at a school event, as defined in the Uniform Controlled Dangerous Substances Act.

  3. The transferring student does not have a history of absences. "History of Absences" means ten or more absences in one semester that are not excused for the reasons provided in 70 O.S. 10-105 or due to illness.

You can access Purcell Public Schools Transfer Policy HERE.

Capacity Limits

The Board of Education will review capacity limits by the first day of January, April, July and October

  • Purcell High School

    • 9th Grade- 120

    • 10th Grade-120

    • 11th Grade-100

    • 12th Grade-100

  • Purcell Junior High School

    • Sixth Grade-115

    • Seventh Grade-115

    • Eighth Grade-115

  • Purcell Intermediate School

    • Third Grade-22 per class

    • Fourth Grade-22 per class

    • Fifth Grade-22 per class

  • Purcell Elementary School

    • Pre-Kindergarten (Head Start)-20 per class

    • Kindergarten-22 per class

    • First Grade-22 per class

    • Second Grade-22 per class

Virtual Capacity Limits

  • High School-3

  • Junior High -2

  • Intermediate-0

  • Elementary-0

Grade Level

Transfers Slots Available





First Grade


Second Grade


Third Grade


Fourth Grade


Fifth Grade


Sixth Grade


Seventh Grade


Eighth Grade


Ninth Grade


Tenth Grade


Eleventh Grade


Twelfth Grade